Folklore #3 'Meet Me Behind The Mall'

Taylor Swift

Hết hàng

And when I felt like I was an old cardigan
Under someone's bed
You put me on and said I was your favorite

Taylor Swift ‎– Folklore #3 "Meet Me Behind The Mall"

Hãng: Republic Records
Định dạng: CD, Album, Deluxe, "Meet Me Behind The Mall"
Nước: USA
Phát hành: 2020
Thể loại: Pop, Folk
Chất lượng: New

1 The 1
2 Cardigan
3 The Last Great American Dynasty
4 Exile
5 My Tears Ricochet
6 Mirrorball
7 Seven
8 August
9 This Is Me Trying
10 Illicit Affairs
11 Invisible String
12 Mad Woman
13 Epiphany
14 Betty
15 Peace
16 Hoax
Bonus Track
17 The Lakes

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