Not Your Muse (Signed CD)



It could mean your silence with my heart the word
It's strong enough, so I've heard
You've mistaken me for your masterpiece
Gilding me, so I try

Frame me fallen, take me as I come
Or face the night alone
These idle arms that know

Celeste - Not Your Muse (Signed CD)

Hãng: Polydor ‎– 0856985
Định dạng: CD
Nước: EU
Phát hành: 2021
Thể loại: Funk / Soul, Pop

1. Ideal Woman
2. Strange
3. Tonight Tonight
4. Stop This Flame
5. Tell Me Something I Don't Know
6. Not Your Muse
7. Beloved
8. Love Is Back
9. A Kiss
10. The Promise
11. A Little Love
12. Some Goodbyes Come With Hellos

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