Travis Scott

Hết hàng

Sun is down, freezin' cold
That's how we already know winter's here
My dawg would prolly do it for a Louis belt
That's just all he know, he don't know nothin' else
I tried to show 'em

Travis Scott – Astroworld

Hãng: Epic, Cactus Jack, Grand Hustle
Định dạng: CD, Album
Nước: US
Năm: 2018
Thể loại: Hip Hop
Phong cách: Trap
Chất lượng: New

1        Stargazing
2        Carousel
3        Sicko Mode
4        R.I.P Screw
5        Stop Trying To Be God
6        No Bystanders
7        Skeletons
8        Wake Up
9        5% Tint
10        NC-17
11        Astrothunder
12        Yosemite
13        Can't Say
14        Who? What!
15        Butterfly Effect
16        Houstonfornication
17        Coffee Bean

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