Sawayama (Limited Cassette)

Rina Sawayama

Hết hàng

Hey, I want it all, don't have to choose
And when the heart wants what it wants, what can I do? 

Rina Sawayama ‎- Sawayama

Hãng: Dirty Hit
Định dạng: Cassette, Album, Limited
Nước: UK
Phát hành: 2020
Thể loại: Nu Metal, Indie Pop, Dance-pop
Chất lượng: New, sealed

A1 Dynasty
A4 Comme Des Garçons (Like the Boys)
A5 Akasaka Sad
A6 Paradisin'
A7 Love Me 4 Me
B8 Bad Friend
B9 Fuck This World (Interlude)
B10 Who's Gonna Save U Now
B11 Tokyo Love Hotel
B12 Chosen Family
B13 Snakeskin

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