Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits (Clear Vinyl)

Richard Marx

Hết hàng

Cause it don't mean nothin' The words that they say Don't mean nothin' These games that people play No, it don't mean nothin' No victim, no crime It don't mean nothin' Till you sign it on the dotted line

It don't mean nothing at all

Richard Marx – Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits 

Hãng: BMG 
Định dạng: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Clear
Nước: US
Năm: 2022
Thể loại: Rock, Pop
Phong cách: Soft Rock, Ballad
Chất lượng: New

A1    Don't Mean Nothing
A2    Should've Known Better
A3    Endless Summer Nights
A4    Hold On To The Nights
B1    Satisfied
B2    Right Here Waiting
B3    Hazard
B4    Angelia

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