Simulation Theory (Deluxe Edition)


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Muse – Simulation Theory

Hãng: Warner Bros. Records, Helium 3
Định dạng: CD, Album, Deluxe Edition
Nước: USA & Europe
Năm: 2018
Thể loại: Rock
Chất lượng: New

1        Algorithm
2        The Dark Side
3        Pressure
4        Propaganda
5        Break It To Me
6        Something Human
7        Thought Contagion
8        Get Up And Fight
9        Blockades
10        Dig Down
11        The Void
12        Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version)
13        The Dark Side (Alternate Reality Version)
14        Propaganda (Acoustic Version)
15        Something Human (Acoustic Version)
16        Dig Down (Acoustic Gospel Version)

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