how i'm feeling now

Charli XCX

Hết hàng

I just wanna go real hard
Lip gloss on and I'm lookin' like a star
Got a tiny bag but I got a big heart
On the video chat, keep starin' at my bra

Charli XCX - how i'm feeling now

Hãng: Asylum Records ‎– 0190295207229
Định dạng: CD
Nước: UK
Phát hành: 2020
Thể loại: Indie Pop

1. Pink Diamond
2. Forever
3. Claws
4. 7 Years
5. Detonate
6. Enemy
7. I  Finally Understand
8 C2.0
9. Party 4 U
10. Anthems
11. Visions

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