Gone Are The Days


Hết hàng

Where we're going you won't need him
No looking back from here on in
Let's move you on to better things
'Cause you deserve more than you think
Forget everything you're told
There's greener grass and denser gold
Maybe I should bite my tongue
But I can't seem to fight it

Honne – Gone Are The Days

Hãng: Tatemae Recordings, Atlantic
Định dạng: CD, EP
Nước: UK
Năm: 2016
Thể loại: Electronic, Funk / Soul
Chất lượng: New

1        Gone Are The Days 
2        3AM   
3        No Place Like Home
4        Baby Please
5        The Night (Late Night Mix)   
6        I Can Give You Heaven (Late Night Mix)   
7        Gone Are The Days (SOHN Remix)

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