How To Be Human

Chelsea Cutler

Hết hàng

"My friends tell me I'm good
Why can't I feel it too?
When the drink hits lips, I
All I taste is you
Make the most of my days
I tell myself that you're gone
I don't wanna be right if
Missing you is so wrong."

Chelsea Cutler – How To Be Human

Hãng đĩa: Republic Records
Định dạng: Cassette, Album, White
Nước: US
Năm: 2020
Thể loại: Pop
Chất lượng: New

A1        Sad Tonight    
A2        Strangers Again  
A3        What Would It Take    
A4        I Was In Heaven    
A5        Are You Listening    
A6        nj   
A7        Somebody Else Will Get Your Eyes
A8        You Are Losing Me    
B1        I Miss You    
B2        The Human Condition    
B3        Lucky
B4        I Should Let You Go  
B5        How To Be Human  
B5        New Recording 28 - Lions    
B6        Crazier Things

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