1989 (Japan Deluxe Edition)

Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift – 1989 

Hãng: Big Machine Records
Định dạng: CD, Album
All Media, Deluxe Edition, Slipcase
Nước: Japan
Năm: 2014
Thể loại: Pop
Chất lượng: NM


CD-1        Welcome To New York
CD-2        Blank Space
CD-3        Style
CD-4        Out Of The Woods
CD-5        All You Had To Do Was Stay
CD-6        Shake It Off
CD-7        I Wish You Would
CD-8        Bad Blood
CD-9        Wildest Dreams
CD-10        How You Get The Girl
CD-11        This Love
CD-12        I Know Places
CD-13        Clean
Bonus Tracks:    
CD-14        Wonderland
CD-15        You Are In Love
CD-16        New Romantics
My Songwriting Voice Memos:    
CD-17        I Know Places (Piano / Vocal)
CD-18        I Wish You Would (Track / Vocal)
CD-19        Blank Space (Guitar / Vocal)
DVD-1        Shake It Off (Music Video)   
DVD-2        Shake It Off (The Cheerleaders Scene)    
DVD-3        Shake It Off (The Ballerinas Scene)    
DVD-4        Shake It Off (The Modern Dancers Scene)    
DVD-5        Shake It Off (The Animators Scene)   
DVD-6        Shake It Off (The Twirlers & Finger Tutting Scene)   
DVD-7        Shake It Off (The Ribbon Dancers Scene)   
DVD-8        Shake It Off (The Band, The Fans & The Extras Scene)

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